How To Choose A Laptop For Programming

While choosing the right kind of laptop for you especially if you are into coding and programming many important factors must be taken into consideration because as a programmer you are likely to expect a better and superior performance from your laptop than an ordinary laptop.

You are very likely to be confused and overwhelmed when you set out to research and find the right kind of laptop for you according to your requirement as they are many different models as well as their alternatives available in the market. Each of them has its own specialty, pros, and cons. You can easily write a code on any laptop but the outcome, time consumption, and productivity of various machines are different from the other.

Hence it is important that you find out the machine that is best suited for your requirement. Laptops for computer science are specifically meant for programming have a little different approach when it comes to selection and purchase in comparison to a laptop that is not used for programming.

As mentioned above you will have to select the laptop according to your specific requirement as there is no one-size-fits-all approach that can be followed here. Each special function in programming requires different tools, different types of development as well.

So the first step in choosing the right kind of programming laptop for you is to identify your needs and requirements beforehand. There are two reasons why you are reading this article either you are a programmer or a web developer or you do most of your programming and development work on your laptop.

Here are some things you might want to take into consideration before purchasing a laptop especially for programming.

Buying a powerful laptop especially for the purpose of programming does not necessarily mean getting the most powerful laptop that is available in the market for yourself. Many important factors have to be considered when you are planning to buy a laptop for the purpose of programming like the storage, speed the quality, and comfort offered by the keyboard (as you will be writing all your codes with the help of your keyboards) all the other factors like the clock speed, cores and threads must also be considered while searching for the right kind of laptop for programming for yourself.

It’s quite obvious that coding basically involves processing huge volumes of data and for that, you will definitely need the best kind of processor and also a machine that works at a great speed has a good amount of storage and really good RAM. When you are testing your coding after hours of tedious works you don’t really want to see lagging and bottlenecks instead. Also, a fast and speedy laptop that works smoothly will save you tons of time that would be wasted otherwise.

This will help you stay a lot more productive, organized, and efficient in your task. Another factor that you must consider while choosing the laptop for you is the screen of the laptop ( as you will be working on and staring at the screen of the laptop you want to make sure that the display of the laptop won’t put a strain on your eyes in the longer run.

Also as the screen and the keyboard which would be the components of the laptop that you would be working the most on while coding you will definitely want to choose what’s best and the most comfortable for you. In order to simplify the entire procedure of selection of the right kind of laptop for programming when have listed down some important points for you which you must consider.

What must you look for in a laptop for programming?

One of the most important that you must consider while choosing the right kind of laptop for programming is the hard drive. Most of the modern laptops have an inbuilt SSD drive ( solid-state drive) as in terms of performance an SSD is much better than the traditional standard drive as it is equipped with accessing stored information.

It is advisable to get a 256 GB SSD you can also go for a 1TB standard drive. As these will speed up your system and you always want good speed when you are testing out your codes. You will be shuffling between various programs, applications, and files in such a case an SSD is very useful as it can access information very efficiently, and hence choosing an SSD is always a better choice. So this answers the question a laptop with a great SSD is an ideal choice for your laptop for programming.

How to choose a Laptop for programming.

It is not necessary that a laptop that has fulfilled the requirement of your friend or colleague will be suitable for you as there is no one size fits all approach that can be followed here. In case you are a developer who is into programming or designing packages your specialization changes and so do your requirements. Sometimes the tools and software used by the people of different specialties might be similar but the hardware might be different.

For instance, a programmer who is working in the field of game development would look for a superior graphical performance than a programmer working on some other specialization. Here are some of the things you must consider before purchasing a suitable laptop for you for the purpose of programming.

Factors to be considered before buying a laptop for programming.

1. RAM

Ram is one of the most important components of a laptop especially for a person who is into programming and coding. Because as a programmer you might need to access data from various files and programs simultaneously. You might also have to work with several IDEs and virtual machines and these applications are likely to consume a lot of your memory and are also likely to put a huge strain on the smooth functioning of your laptop if you don’t have sufficient RAM.

The RAM is especially a matter of concern for web developers. Normally a laptop with 4 GB of RAM should be sufficient for a normal user but when it comes to the requirements of a web developer, coder or any other programmer than a laptop with 8 GB of RAM is an ideal choice. Game developers require even more RAM space to write their codes and test them for that purpose they need powerful laptops that at least have a 16 GB of RAM which can be expanded later.

2. Processing Power / CPU ( Central Processing Unit)

For the purpose of processing your CPU or the Central Processing Unit is of paramount importance as it is the brain of your computer and handles all the important processing functions that are performed by your laptop. The CPU has the responsibility to handle huge volumes of data and information which is a very important function when it comes to programming and coding.

If you fail to choose a laptop with the right kind of CPU then all the other components in spite of their superior quality are rendered useless. This proves that the CPU is undoubtedly the most important component of a laptop of a programmer. As well all might know that the power of a CPU is measured in terms of Gigahertz but that does not necessarily imply that the best CPU has the highest Gigahertz higher number does not indicate a better processor for the laptop.

A relatively new processor is likely to have a lower speed in Gigahertz in comparison with an older processor but on the other hand, the new processor is very likely to perform a lot better than an older processor. One of the best programming experience is provided by a laptop with an i5 or an i7 processor. It is common knowledge that the higher number of cores in a processor offers optimal speed and performance. Some of the most commonly used and preferred processors are from Intel and AMD.

3. Display

Programmers are likely to spend s huge chunk of their time working on the laptop screen they might as well want to make sure the display of the laptop is the most comfortable for them and won’t cause any harm to their eyesight in the longer run. Most of the laptops available in the market come with a 1366 x 768 display which is considered to be a decent enough choice for a laptop display.

These commonly available laptop displays don’t have enough screen space for the purpose of multitasking. Also, you might want to make sure that the resolution of the laptop is in such a way that it enables you to read the text on your screen clearly and comfortably. Most people consider that a 4k display is the best kind of display available in the market but it must also be remembered that a 4k display of a laptop is an expensive proposition and also is infamous for draining down your batteries a little too quickly.

A laptop with a Full HD 1920 x 1080 (1080p) display is one of the best choices. Also, you have to make sure that the display of your laptop is not reflective and acts as a mirror, this can be quite uncomfortable and disturbing when you are trying to concentrate on your task.

4. Keyboard

As a coder, game developer or a web developer etcetera you can’t really afford to compromise on the quality and comfort of your keyboard as you would be writing tons of codes using your keyboard and you surely want to do it comfortably and with a minimum amount of errors possible.

You must look for a laptop that has a keyboard layout that is comfortable and compact. Also, make sure that if you get an opportunity test the keyboard of the laptop before you buy it to make sure that the keys and the layout of the laptop are comfortable, responsive, and easy to reach ( in case you have small hands.) If you tend to work in the later hours of the night make sure that the keyboard of your laptop has a backlight.

5. Battery Life

As you will be working on your laptop for prolonged hours you want strong battery life and a battery that won’t die on you every few hours. Get a laptop with at least a 6-hour battery life and for that, you shouldn’t really believe the battery life mentioned by the manufacturer in order to know the actual battery life of a laptop talk to a fellow coder or a person who has actually used the laptop you are looking for to purchasing.

6. Operating System

The laptop that you will choose to purchase will depend highly on the kind of operating system that you will like to work on. There are many options to choose from when it comes to Windows operating system. But there are limited options when it comes to the MacBook as macOS is the only choice of operating system you are left to work on with.

Linus OS is known for working on most of the hardware available but it is advisable to get a laptop with an in-built Linus OS. You will have to do dedicated research to find out the pros and cons of each operating system and choose the one which is best suited for your requirement.

7. Integrated Graphics

If you have a dedicated/discrete or integrated graphics card in your laptop then it’s a great way to save a lot of money. Though an integrated graphics card is not a necessity for the purpose of coding, it’s a great way to invest the money you would save in an SSD or a great processor in the right way. And also a great integrated graphics card is something a games developer wants.


The points mentioned above must be taken into consideration when you are looking forward to purchasing a new laptop specifically meant for the purpose of programming. Hope you have found this article useful.

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