Factors To Keep in Mind during A Flood Crisis

Maintaining the safety of your house during flood and keeping your bathroom shower head safe from overflowing isn’t the same thing!

Frankly, it’s easy to repair a broken shower head, but it’s not that easy to assure safety during floods. If you’re stuck in a flood safety factor comes first.

A lot of factors usually come upfront when you’re set to save yourself, your family members and your property from flood. This article has come up with some of the essential steps that need to be taken while flood is about to arrive or has already arrived in the town.

8 Factors To Keep in Mind during A Flood Crisis

Let’s take a look through a few strategies that one must not overlook during flood crisis,

Keep yourself updated with the local weather

Keeping yourself prepared well before an upcoming hurricane is very important. Stay tuned to the local weather news channels, local radio frequency module to get constant weather notifications.

It might help you to estimate the time you have before the upcoming flood. If possible, try to contact your relatives, friends to know the current weather situation near your house. Once you survive the flood, you can always come back to a normal life.

Always remember, every grey cloud has a silver lining!

Hoard food and drinking water in sufficient quantity

It’s important to hoard food and drinking water adequately to avoid further mess. Check the meat shelf for available dry foods like cheese, biscuits and other non-perishable stuff.

They might come handy when you’re hungry and were busy to save yourself from flood and are eventually exhausted. There’s a huge risk for the perishable foods to store safely if flood water enters your house.

So pack those non-perishable food items in an airtight container. Put it somewhere so that flood water won’t affect those. Remember, it’s the only edible stuff that can help you to survive post the flood crisis.

However, you can also put them in the loft where flood water can’t damage those consumable items.

Arrange an emergency disaster control kit for yourself

Arrange an emergency disaster control kit where you can store the items like:

  • Screw driver.
  • Powerful torchlight fully loaded with powerful lithium-ion batteries. Those batteries are quite reliable to power up your torchlight for at least 10-12 hours.
  • Multipurpose knife.
  • Range tools if possible because, if any nut gets stuck after flood, it might be useful to unbolt it for passing away the stored flood water in your horse, backside garage etc.
  • Keep a handy medic-kit inside the emergency disaster control kit. Fill it up with borneol, antiseptic ointment, bandages, etc. You might need it if someone gets hurt during the cyclone.

Apart from these, keep the contact number of the local police station, fire station for emergency help. Keep a sharp bladed axe too if possible, for cutting wires, or for felling trees to clear the blocked entrance of your house.

Place your car somewhere safe at outside of the garage

Keep the car out of your garage always. If a cyclone comes, there’s a high chance for the garage roof to collapse on your car. The next moment your private car might turn into debris. It’s important for you to keep it somewhere safe outside the garage.

Try not to use it as much as possible during a flood. Try to get everything from the store well before the upcoming hurricane, so that you don’t have to drive during the storm unless and until it’s a dire need.

Keep your pets close to you

Do you have pets at your home? Keep their safety and security as well in your mind while preparing for an upcoming storm. It’s important for you to keep them closer to you.

They always get feared during such situations. It’s better to open their collar chains so that they feel free and safe with your company. Let them stay with the kids. They can be a perfect mate of your kids during a heavy storm.

Keep the backyard doors bolted

It’s important to keep the backyard doors bolted if you’re expecting a storm. There have been multiple instances of flood water breaking in through the backyard doors. If your backyard door is not bolted properly, get it locked.

If needed, use a hammer to nail screws and nuts on it, so that it can resist the pressure when the storm begins.

Check the water pipelines and the tap knobs

Often water pipelines get easily affected when there’s a technical fault in the pipes. If the storm is too strong, it might break easily. That way the main water-reservoir pipes connected to your bathroom may get damaged.

While inspecting if you find a single fault in the pipeline, you might call a plumber beforehand to repair it. That’s another smart strategy to keep your house safe well before an upcoming storm.

Set the frequency modulation of your walkie-talkie to 911

If a storm approaches obviously you can’t expect the telecommunication network. Having a handy walkie-talkie can be useful at that time. If you need emergency help, you might set the frequency of walkie-talkie to 911 emergency service. If you see the situation is going out of your hand, the option can be a handy one.

You can however use the same device to provide the coordinates of your location to the local police or emergency help service. It might instantly assist them to come for your help at once.

A natural calamity like flood is quite unexpected. The only way to remain safe during such a crisis is to implement these remedies into action. Though there are many ways to keep yourself safe from a flood, these are some of the key factors that one must not overlook if the flood alert is on.

You can take all these necessary steps to keep yourself safe from the flood and other hazardous effect of it.

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